Microanalysis Service

Imaging Resource AB provides advanced microanalysis services of everything from machine components, foodstuff, pharmaceutical substances, packaging material to nanostructured surfaces.
Scanning Electron Microscopy, as well as other specialized microscopy techniques, is used to increase the knowledge about the properties of your material.
We handle projects in many industrial and R&D areas: Life Science, engineering, packaging, material science and product development.

Scientific Illustrations

Images obtained with Scanning Electron Microscopy can be refined and colorized to become striking scientific illustrations. We create mesmerizing images that can be used in the whole chain from development to marketing.


Scientific Illustrations of food

Imaging Resource AB got the prestigious assignment to illustrate issue #3 (June 2013) of the award-winning food and lifestyle magazine FOOL. Images of sourdough, ants, fermented food stuff from selected gourmet producers from around the world was created with electron microscopy.

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Improved capabilities with IR-microscopy

Imaging Resource AB has recently gained access to the synchrotron research facilities at the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden, to facilitate advanced material analysis with infrared microscopy techniques. These techniques extend the present microscopy capability with chemical identification of small particles and micro-structures.

Improved capabilities with X-ray tomography

One of the leading materials science centers in Germany, the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Geesthacht, has via Science Link granted Imaging Resource AB access to their synchrotron source. In a current project we plan to use the 3D micro-imaging resource based on X-ray tomography for the visualization of micro- and nanostructures in pharmaceutical formulations.