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Microanalysis Service

Imaging Resource AB provides advanced microanalysis services of everything from machine components, foodstuff, pharmaceutical substances, packaging material to nanostructured surfaces.
Scanning Electron Microscopy, as well as other specialized microscopy techniques, is used to increase the knowledge about the properties of your material.
We handle projects in many industrial and R&D areas: Life Science, engineering, packaging, material science and product development.

Scientific Illustrations

Images obtained with Scanning Electron Microscopy can be refined and colorized to become striking scientific illustrations. We create mesmerizing images that can be used in the whole chain from development to marketing.


Your Own Microanalysis Lab

Do you sometimes wish that you had access to a microanalysis laboratory?

There is no need to build your own lab facility. We  provide you with the necessary Imaging Resources based on Electron Microscopy and other specialized microscopy.

Microanalysis in high magnification gives you valuable information about surface features, internal microstructures,  composition or homogeneity.

A selection of investigations that can be performed with Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Surface structure
  • Cross Sections
  • Particle characterisation

From Science to Marketing

Once a thorough investigation of your sample has been made it’s time to communicate your findings. Don’t miss the chance to create eye-catching images that can be used in the entire chain from research to marketing.

Original micrograph

By refining and colorizing the microscope images we create scientific illustrations suited for web pages, posters, exhibitions or internal company presentations.

Scientific visualisation


We have access to some of the most advanced microscopes as well as fast routine instrument. This enables us to study your samples with extreme accuracy or deliver prompt analysis results.

Surface Structure of Tablet

Microstructure of coating layer and tablet core, X300.

Cross Section of Medical Catheter

This medical device was cryo fractured to minimize plastic deformation, X75.

Inorganic Crystalline Material

Characteristic rod shaped crystals, X1000.


Scientific Visualization

Scientific visualization can be used in everything from research to marketing. When the technical images are refined and colorized they become eye-catching illustrations for web pages, exhibitions, posters or other printed media.

Scientific Illustrations of food stuff from selected gourmet producers from around the world. The images were created with an electron microscope in collaboration with Fool and Per-Anders Jorgensen, an internationally renowned photographer who has food, gourmet cooking and portraying chefs as his speciality.

About Imaging Resource AB

The imaging resources of the company is based on the skills and knowledge of Sten Sturefelt. He is a microscopy expert with over 20 years experience from microanalysis, imaging technology and material characterization within an international R&D organisation.

The company, Imaging Resource AB, provide advanced microanalysis services to the industry in many different fields:

  • Life science
  • Packaging
  • Engineering
  • Food industry
  • Material science

We also hold extensive experience from challenges in analyzing pharmaceutical formulations and specific, in depth knowledge, about analyzing small particles in inhalation product development.

A large network of partners enable access to many complementary analysis techniques to ensure that a proper solution to your microanalysis problem can be found.



Medicon Valley Alliance

European Microscopy Society

Imaging Science & Technology

Lung Epithelial

Cillated lung cells, X5000.

Pseudo Coloured Image

Cillated lung cells, X5000.


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